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Gamer's make better drivers.

  • I'm surrounded by gamer's in my little world.  My daughter and her boyfriend are experienced and highly competitive gamers capable of mastering some of the toughest online games.  I have good friends that gaming is part of their life everyday and it's a healthy tradition to include a little gaming everyday.  I also have a lot of online friends that gaming is part of their identity; no game, no life.

    I'm a gamer light, obviously, I'm into Webkinz, but none the less there is an arcade and some of those game do take skill.

    As for gamers being better drivers, in analyzing this fact, I would agree, simply because I started teaching my daughter how to drive and she quickly achieved competence.  It was a matter of using a steering wheel, rather then a joystick or mouse and keyboard.  She adapted to her environment well as if she was now in the game live.

    As with all games, timing, situational space and awareness is a requirement for success.  That can be said for male drivers in particular, but I'd argue that female gamers are likely to have that edge especially if they have been gaming from early childhood.  There are some games too that one might have better adaptive driving skills by playing a game often, like Mario Cart.  I love Mario Cart, but wasn't' really good at it like my daughter.  It's all about anticipation of what's coming next, not necessarily from muscle memory and the track memory of the game, but determining your readiness for the next obstacle, and simply put, that's what I believe gamer drivers have plenty of; instant readiness.  Gamers are always on high alert, anticipating a swerving car in their lane and when that happens, because of gaming practice, their brains recall how to maneuver around the car rather then crash.

    Gamer's are better drivers because they game.  How can you argue with that?

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  • Lady X It's honestly so true, gaming helps so much with the kind of skills necessary for driving, like split second decision making, awareness, etc.! As silly as it sounds, playing MarioKart for so much of my youth made me a better driver today XD But like you...  more
  • WebkinzDiva I would have to agree that you are a better driver having played so much MarioKart....even learned how to drive while sneezing playing