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    Oct 11

    An Oral History of ‘GoldenEye 007’ on the N64

    I have great memories of Nintendo 64 from a mom's perspective. The sounds, the grunts of defeat, the hurrah at the wins and above all the music that was attached to each game.

    If you played GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64, you might enjoy the development ...
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    The Unlikely Story of How Competitive ‘Tetris’ Went Viral

    Tetris is fun and the word "tetris" is often used in my household when it comes to organizing anything, such as the dishes in the dishwasher or your clothes in a drawer. It's said that the dishes were organized in a "tetris" fashion for maximum loading. ...
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    A first look at the new Starfield Xbox Series X wraps

    A new Starfield Xbox...  more
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    Best Games for New Gamers

    In Tom's guide, there's a nice list of games recommended for new gamers just starting...  more
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    Charles Martinet, Longtime Voice of Mario, Retires: “You Are All Numba One in My Heart!”

    Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario retires and is elevated to an ambassador for...  more
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    Video Game Releases for August 2023

    New video game releases posted by...  more
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    Roblox Is Making Money Off Child Gambling, New Lawsuit Claims

    New lawsuit against Roblox.

    The parents of two minors say their children lost thousands of dollars using Roblux currency on third-party gambling sites — and say the gaming company let it...  more
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    The Most Emotional Video Game Music in the Unlikeliest of Places

    The right music created for a video game can bring the game to another level for players. Music is that missing piece for the all around full experience.
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    December 1, 2022

    What It Takes to Make a Kinder, Gentler Video Game

    What It Takes to Make a Kinder, Gentler Video...  more