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This page is for sharing our sites and the hobby sites of our members. This is where "we bring" everyone together and help support each other.  The old way was a web ring but, I had to use it as "We Bring" because it is for bringing people together and sharing.

Featured Friend's Realm Sister Sites

Friend's Realm

We are a social community where you can share your digital pulse in your own social space; influence and inspire. Connect with your friends in realms all around the world.

Mortal's Realm

Elevate your mortal life with a community of friends that are striving to achieve the best mortal life in happiness, & serenity.

Pixel Wield

Elevate your pixel life with a community of friends, sharing their support, craft and knowledge through a unique creative and social community especially designed for graphic artists, home school families, photographers, and writers.

Society Realm

Society Realm is your go-to social aggregate home for finding the best niche and social websites on the internet, curated just for you.

Tech's Realm

Elevate your tech life, by sharing your craft and knowledge through the social network vibe you've been craving. Designed for tech's in web development, software and hardware and other technical trades.

BryZar Web Services

Though not a sister site to Friend's Realm, this is our awesome host. They offer managed cloud VPS or dedicated servers and amazing service.

Featured Member's Sites

Here are some sites created by our members. If you want your family friendly (non-adult content) site shared here, just contact us and let us know the site name, URL, and a description.

Literary Social

If you love to read, write, or need to hone your writing skills, you'll fit right in! No matter whether you write as a hobby or profession, you can fit in here.

MacroWorld Photography

Hobby site mainly featuring macro photos. There are also some artistic, nature, and miscellaneous photos.


Discussions for the modern nerd. Talk about science, technology, computers, tech toys, hobbies, current affairs and more. All welcome, join for free, no ads.

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Your site here!

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Your site here!

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